Fuck your offense

You’re offended?

I’m offended that you’re offended.

You want to pantomime outrage over the latest thing some D-list celebrity said. This world is falling apart, and you’re fighting over words.

Middle class incomes have flat-lined for the past half-century, while workers put in more hours and produce more than ever. Meanwhile, millionaires have become billionaires, while raiding the public treasury to bankrupt social safety-net programs.

Overt racism and antisemitism are somehow fashionable again, and blatantly nationalist autocrats are taking over Western democracies. The Statue of Liberty has put down her torch to raise a middle finger to the huddled masses of the world.

The global environment is doing its level-best to emulate the Book of Revelation, as temperatures warm, species die, and oceans rise.

And you are bothered over whether someone used the correct pronoun.

Fuck your feelings. Fuck your offense.

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