A year without a Super Bowl

My whole life, the Super Bowl has been an oversized event. Before I was really even a fan of football, I was still drawn to the spectacle. When I grew up, it became an annual holiday in our house — a day devoted to sacking out on the couch and gluttonously devouring trays of pizza rolls, potato skins, cheese sticks, barbecue meatballs and chips and dip.

All of which is to say that this year, the first year I’ve consciously avoided the game, feels rather strange.

You see, I’m a Saints fan. I really don’t need to go into the details of how the Saints were robbed of a chance to play in the game, by a referee’s refusal to call a penalty during the NFC championship game between the Saints and Rams. I mean, when someone as deluded as this guy recognizes the Saints got a bum deal, you know it must have been pretty bad.

The NFL’s refusal to do anything about this travesty — to barely even acknowledge it, even — left me in a quandary. Stick to a tradition of going on 40 years? Or support my Saints and sit this one out?

Even this morning, I wasn’t sure what I was going to do. Nothing about the game appealed to me. I can usually find a reason to invest myself in one team or the other, but not this year. But the Rams didn’t deserve to be there, and who the hell wants to see the Patriots win another?

Still, the Super Bowl

Several hours before kickoff, I figured I would probably end up turning on the game and half-heartedly watching it. I mean, the Saints are my team, but this is the Super Bowl!

But when it came time, I just didn’t have the stomach to do it.

Instead, I slept through the first half (I work third shift), and when I woke up, I browsed the internet, made a salad, turned on an episode of The X-Files.

Still, I couldn’t stop myself from asking Siri periodically for score updates.

Now, I’m glad I didn’t watch. For starters, it feels good to maintain my principles. And beyond that, from what I understand, this was one of the most pathetic Super Bowls in history. Fewest points ever. The Rams’ offense didn’t show for the game, allowing a subpar Patriots performance to — yawn — once again claim the trophy. The halftime show, so I’m told, was the worst ever. And I’m seeing that even this year’s commercials were lame.

All of which is to say, maybe don’t screw over a town that has voodoo on their side?

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