And so it begins …

If you’ve happened to stumble upon this blog by accident, I make no promises for what you’ll find here.

This site is an experiment for me. It is a way for me to judge once and for all if I really want to be the writer I’ve dreamed of being for the past 35 years or so.

I recently read a book, Every Single Day, about how to achieve the things about which you dream. It comes in just shy of 200 pages, but its essence can be boiled down into a couple of sentences.

It’s like this — whatever it is you want to do, start doing it. How often? (Spoiler alert) Every single day. It doesn’t matter if you feel ready (you probably aren’t). It doesn’t matter if you feel good enough (you probably aren’t). It doesn’t matter what anyone else thinks. Just start doing it. And do it every single day. Whether it’s writing or exercise or becoming a chess grandmaster, just start doing it. Every single day. You have to start somewhere, right? So start now, start today, and fake it until you make it. Every single day.

Eventually, you will be ready, you will feel good enough, and people will notice a positive change in you, as you become a better version of yourself — the version you always wanted to be but were afraid to be.

And if not, if you fail, then maybe that wasn’t what you really wanted to do in the first place. Maybe you have to find another dream and pursue it. Every single day.

At least, that’s what I got from the book. And that’s what I hope to do for myself by following that advice.

So here I am, Feb. 1, 2019, starting to write, every single day. We’ll see how it goes.


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